PetSafe EasySport Harness: Review


If your dog can be a bit of a handful sometimes, have you thought about giving him a ‘handle’? Something you can grab on to as he darts passed you, deliberately ignoring your calls? Then you’re going to love this PetSafe Easy Sport Harness….


Barney is a loveable, sociable (some would say over-sociable) dog who just loves to rollick around with other dogs. I’m all for the playing part, but when I need to move on with our walks he often completely snubs me. And here’s where the handle on this harness comes in handy. It makes it much easier to grab onto a lolloping, lunging dog who doesn’t want to listen. The handle is padded and loops up quite large so it’s easy to grab on to even when he’s tearing around at a rate of knots. It’s also been really handy for fishing him out of the canal when he’s been rounded up by a sheepdog who frequents our routes and seems to like to herd him into water!

it’s chillier than it looks in there…

The harness is padded all over, making it look quite comfy, and it can be adjusted to fit. Barney is wearing a medium size – it could do with being a bit more snug around the tummy/chest area but that’s as fitted as I could get it.

is this pose ok?


It’s easy to put on and take off over the head and it clips together swiftly with two quick-snap buckles.


The top lead attachment at the rear of the harness is nice and large and the harness also has a reflective trim.

It comes in a range of colours and prices start at £12.99 for a small size and up to £22.99 for a large.


You can buy from the PetSafe website

All photos copyright of Alistair Heap

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