MacPAWS Doggie Pack-a-Mac

dog in raincoat
Barney rocking his new raincoat

Who lets a spot of wet weather spoil their walkies?

Being a spaniel, Barney positively rollicks in the rain –  rolling around in the wet grass with (or without) any dog he can get to play with him. As a result he often ends up the wettest of wet dogs.

Which is where this neat and nifty little mac comes in handy. Folded in a pouch that’s easily attached to your lead or belt loop, it’s easily popped on your pooch if you get caught out in a shower and helps limit his state of sogginess! You simply attach velcro straps under the neck and tummy. There’s also a loop on it that you can attach your regular harness to.

It washes easily in the machine – and there are six sizes and three designs to choose from.

We think Barney looks super-smart in his mac.

It costs £8 from

Ready to the rain

All photographs copyright of Alistair Heap

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