Barney’s Bark of Approval: Pooch & Mutt Dog Treats


barney the dog sitting with a tube of pooch & mutt treats
Mine…all mine

When the lovely people at Pooch & Mutt heard we had a new puppy here at Kick Back Travel they sent us some treats for him to to try. As you can see from the picture above, Barney immediately took a liking to (and possession of) the contents of his appetizing parcel!

tasty treats...and ethically produced too
tasty treats…and ethically produced too

Pooch & Mutt are a UK company that produce natural grain-free foods, treats and supplements, all about improving the health of your dog. They’re ethically-approved and they’re kind people too – matching donations to what rescue centres buy (so if a centre buys 10 bags of pooch food, they supply a further 10 bags free) and if any particular dog is in desperate need of a particular supplement they provide it free of charge. We like.


We also like the cute look of the mini-bone shaped treats. Well, that’s just us. We love little detailed touches!

barney dog trying to popen a packet of treats
I WILL get into this bag of treats…somehow, some day…

Barney got to try Pooch & Mutt’s Puppy Development treats – a mix of chicken, chicory (a natural prebiotic to help ease digestion plus linseed (a natural source of Omega 3 which is great for brain development and memory) so should help with Barney’s trainability. We think it’s doing the trick – just look at him obeying the ‘leave’ command in this pic, below!

barney staring at a treat in owner's hand
…oooh…I can’t wait much longer!

Next to try was the Calm & Relaxed tube of treats.

barney pooch & Mutt 5

They’re a mix of lamb, chamomile (known for its relaxing properties – who doesn’t like a cup of chamomile tea?) and L-tryptophan (the science bit? It’s an amino acid involved in the production of serotonin, the ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitter which does what it says – helps make you feel good.) What a great idea these are! Designed to give to your dog before a stressful situation – the vets, or a long journey. We’re going on our first hotel with Barney soon, so these will be coming in the car with us! Meantime, he’ll have a few tonight to help him get a good night’s sleep!

The packet treats retail at about £1 and the tube treats for around £2.99

Pooch & Mutt get Barney’s Bark of Approval!

More information and where to buy:


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