A Duvet. For a Dog. By Hector Hartley

dog sitting on dog duvet
Barney lording it on his duvet at our hotel

When we were off on holiday to a hotel in Dartmoor this summer, we were lucky enough to be sent a gorgeous Dog Duvet from dog bed company Hector Hartley.

It’s ideal for travelling because – unlike a dog bed, you can easily roll or fold it up in the car boot and, when you get to your destination, it bounces back to shape immediately, ready for some doggy down-time.

dog sitting on bed duvet
Barney tries out his new duvet bed at home

We introduced Barney to his new duvet at home in our kitchen the day before we left – wondering how he’d take to it….

I think the pictures below say it all really…..

Barney Bed ©Alistair Heap +44(0)7967638858 Photo Credit: Alistair Heap
mmm..let’s just lay my head down here….

An instant hit. Within minutes he was snoozing contentedly…..

this is the life...
this is the life…

The duvet bed cover was made from a very durable stonewash cotton in a neutral Pebble colourway but they also come in Denim and Linen – and a host of tasteful natural colours. Both the cover and the duvet inside are machine washable.


The beds come in three sizes : Small (72 x 56 cm approx): Suitable for toy and very small breeds. Medium (96 x 74 cm approx): Suitable for small to medium breeds like Barney – a Cocker Spaniel and Large (110 x 85 cm approx): Suitable for large breeds like Labradors and German Shepherds.

flaked out on his hols...
flaked out on his hols…

Here’s Barney completely comfy on his duvet in our hotel room….flaked out after all that moorland air and walkies.

At home, Barney’s old blankets have been pawed to one side in favour of his new duvet – there’s no circling and scratching to make this into a comfy bed. It’s always plumped up, perfect and ready and waiting for nap-time.

They cost from £65 from www.hectorhartley.com

photographs copyright of Alistair Heap

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