Theatre Review: Crumble’s Search for Christmas

By Michelle Rawlins

This is a truly wonderful and heart warming festive production for young families showing at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds

From the writer of The Night Before Christmas, this enchanting story is about friendship, bravery and kindness.

Children can’t help but warm to the three woodland bears, who live in their cosy little burrow in the heart of the forest.

Based around the lovable and playful Crumble, who is desperate to find Christmas, she excitedly wakes up early from her winter hibernation. And she is far too exited to go back to sleep for the winter, despite the desperate pleas from her very tired family members, Elderberry & Boo.

While they are keen to snuggle back down until the Spring, excitable and curious Crumble, can’t possibly close her eyes, when Christmas is about to happen – although she has no real idea what this much talked about event actually is.


So while the older bears fall into a deep slumber, restless Crumble sneaks out into the forest to try and work out what they mystery is all about.

She embarks on a journey of a lifetime, following her instinct, braving the icy hand of winter, that leaves her with trembling knees and rather nippy fingers.

Along her way Crumble, excellently played by Emily Goldie, meets an anxious squirrel, who needs help hiding his nuts, Wendy – a very worried reindeer who she co-writes a Christmas song with, and two very cute party going owls.

Each one of the them shows Crumble love and kindness and the gift of Christmas is slowly revealed.

And just when Crumble thinks she will never find what she is truly looking for, the winter queen appears, along with a flurry of snow – something Crumble has never encountered before. And as well as showing Crumble the magic of snowflakes and an epic snow ball fight, she gives Crumble her very first Christmas gifts – a beautiful white woolly jumper, hat and scarf.


With her mission finally complete Crumble heads home. Realising she has got lost, she is delighted when Elderberry and Boo, who have woken from their slumber come and rescue her.

They return to their burrow, now adorned with decorations and the three finally enjoy Christmas, swapping presents and chat about Crumble’s exciting adventure.

Not a typical full on Christmas production as there’s no Santa or rendition of jingle bells. But what this very talented three woman cast do is reveal the true meaning and spirit of Christmas – love, friendship and kindness.

I loved it as much as my very nearly two-year-old daughter, who was rather captivated by the furry animated woodland creatures. And for those little people who want to meet these adorable characters there is a meet and greet at the end of the show – perfect for a getting a photo keepsake.

With a delightful woodland set, this very sweet 50 minute show aimed at 2 to 6 year old, is a perfect magical treat for young families this December.

Ticket Prices

£14.50 – £16.50

Additional £2.50 transaction fee for phone/internet bookings.

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