Murder For Two, New Theatre Cardiff, Review

Whodunnit? Our lips are – of course – sealed. But what we can divulge is that actors Ed MacArthur and Jeremy Legat were 100% guilty of absolutely smashing it in this funny, fast, clever and ever-evolving musical mystery on its first outing of its UK tour at The New Theatre in Cardiff last night.

A parody of Agatha Christie murder-mysteries with some Marx brothers-esque intelligent, character-focused humour thrown in for good measure, this show had the audience rapt from start to finish.

Following acclaimed runs in New York and London, we were intrigued to see how ‘two actors playing thirteen characters  – and a piano’ was going to play out. Absolutely brilliantly, as it happens.

This ever-so-clever play follows Officer Marcus Moscowicz (Ed MacArthur) as he tries to surmise who out of ‘The Suspects’ (all twelve played by Jeremy Legat) is guilty of the murder of famous novelist Arthur Whitney who is found dead at his birthday party.

The detectives are called, but as they’re out of town, neighbourhood cop Moscowicz steps in. With ambition to step up the ranks, he has just one hour to solve the crime before the real detective arrives – a great device to give the play real pace.

We had worried that we may be confused as to ‘who and what, how and when’ Jeremy Legat would portray the twelve suspects without creeping into chaos and if we would be able to keep up with what was going on. But we needn’t have. With a quick flick of a hat or the donning of a pair of spectacles, this fantastic character actor expertly took on each role with ease; so much so that you actually get to forget he’s behind each and every suspect.

Not only are these two actors brilliant at their roles, they’re also talented pianists, expertly playing alone or together.

We won’t tell you any more about what happens apart from the fact that we didn’t guess who the murderer was. We challenge you to.

Murder For Two is at  Cardiff’s New Theatre  until Saturday 27 October. Tickets are available from 

It then goes on a UK tour.



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