DVLA extends driving licence code system for car hire from 72 hours to 3 weeks

car abroad
hiring a car abroad used to be so easy in the ‘good old days’

The DVLA’s controversial new system for Brits hiring a car abroad has been causing chaos (and the associated queues!) at holiday car rental offices worldwide. But the good news? Today, the DVLA announced they are ‘revamping the system’ – meaning that the licence ‘check code’ you have to generate to hire a car will now last three weeks rather than 72 hours.

When the paper counterparts of the driving licence (which show what vehicles a driver can use plus any penalty points or convictions) were scrapped last month, the DVLA implemented a new system whereby anyone wanting to hire a car abroad would have to obtain an online code which they then ‘share’ with any car hire company to allow them to see their driving record.

The system was prone to problems mostly due to the fact that the code only lasted 72 hours. So, if, for example you wanted to hire a car one week into a fortnight’s holiday, you’d have to find WiFi access or rack up big bills on your phone whilst abroad to get online to generate the code.  Many people were also unaware they would have to provide their National Insurance Number to obtain a code (and it would be unlikely you’d carry this around with you on holiday).

Now the code lasts three weeks, it means most holidaymakers can create a code at home before heading off.

To create a code, you need to go to online here. You’ll need your driving licence number, your National Insurance number and the postcode on your driving licence to hand.

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