Billionaire Boy The Musical, Review, New Theatre Cardiff

The great thing about David Walliams’ children’s books is that they’re true crowd-pleasers. Filled with humour that’s silly enough to tickle the ribs of little ones, there are also enough wise, ‘in-jokes’ amongst the pages to keep adults amused.

And the same can be said for this musical.  Fast, fun – and full of memorable songs – it keeps the whole audience entertained from start to finish. And whilst some one-liners undoubtedly go over young audience member’s heads (think references to Jacob Rees-Mogg and underfunded comprehensives) there are plenty of over-egged visual antics that keep the kids giggling.

The show follows young Joe Spud, whose dad Len has invented a new loo roll BumFresh (wet on one side, dry on the other) which has made them overnight millionaires.

But Joe soon finds that money can’t buy happiness and he craves being ‘ordinary’ again.

He learns lots of life lessons along the way and – as ever with a Walliams story – the comedy has poignant moments.

The talented cast perform multiple roles each with aplomb and the songs by Miranda Cooper and Nick Coles (who have written for popular artists including Girls Aloud, The Sugababes and Kylie Minogue) are catchy – and you’ll be humming them for days.

This show is a fun night out for the family and it’s on at Cardiff’s New Theatre until Saturday 2nd March (

Photos by Manuel Harlan

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