9 to 5 The Musical, Wales Millennium Centre Cardiff

Get set to go back to the ‘80s for some seriously funny slapstick humour, foot-tapping tunes, superb solos and a story of girl power giving sexism the finger all rolled into a fantastic, feel-good night out.

Dolly Parton delights the audience as she opens the show with a cameo appearance (albeit on screen) to introduce the story and its main characters – office workers Violet, a widow who wants promotion, newly separated and naive Judy who’s been left by a straying husband and the blonde, big-hearted bombshell Doralee (‘guess who she’s based on!’ Dolly twinkles!)

The set is stunning and slick – mostly set in a 1980s office, with lighting fixtures made from desktop computers and a sparkling city skyline dotted with clocks.

The cast is energetic and exuberant and from the first rendering of 9 to 5, we knew we were in for a night of vivacious and beautiful vocals and creative choreography.

The story follows Violet, Judy and Doralee – all excellently played by Caroline Sheen, Amber Davies and Georgina Castle – as they struggle to get through the daily grind. If they’re not being ignored for promotions, docked of their pay or sexually harassed, their being ogled, put down or mistreated by their sexist, male chauvinist boss Franklin Hart Jnr, perfectly played by Sean Needham who expertly hams up his horribleness with some Elvis-esque mannerisms and hip action!

Their solo vocal performances are all pitch perfect and pull at the heartstrings – and their acting is comic perfection too.

Lucinda Lawrence is a riot as raunchy, raring-in-love with her boss Roz Keith – and her rendition of Heart to Hart had everyone in stitches.

You’ll be swept along with smiles and laughs as the leading ladies decide to take down their boss – in superb farcical style – and ultimately show him who really can run the show.

It’s a musical you shouldn’t miss – so give yourself a break from the daily grind and book your tickets quickly.

9 to 5 plays at the Wales Millennium Centre until 2nd November. More information here

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