Simba Travel Kit

©Alistair Heap

When you travel a fair deal, you’re lucky if you have the ability to fall asleep in all sorts of (often uncomfortable) spaces and places: bright, busy airport lounges, cramped airplane seats, rattly old buses, trains, cars and ferries…

©Alistair Heap

If you struggle, step in the Simba Travel Kit to lend you a hand to the land of nod (modelled by Barney, an expert at snatching snoozes at any opportunity).

Could it be your passport to peace on the go?

First, the Simba Travel Pillow. A step above those contraptions that wrap around your neck, this mini pillow provides all the support of a full pillow. But it wraps up into a small roll carry-bag. Made from ‘Simbatex’ – a cooling foam material which encourages air-flow through the pillow – it keeps your head cool while you chill out.

©Alistair Heap

Next, the Simba Graphene Eye Mask: super-light, but durable, it not only blocks out light (which can keep you awake), it’s also really comfortable on the eyes (no pressure!).

And the magic part? The mask heats up (choose from three warmth settings) which can help to really relax you. In fact, in my book 222 Ways to Trick Yourself to Sleep I look at some research which shows that warming the eyes can lead to better, deeper sleep

The pillow costs £60, the eye mask is £40 and The Simba Travel Kit – which includes the pillow, eye mask plus a sleep spray – is currently on offer for £88.50 (normally £118). Visit for details.

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