Review: Grubs Fieldline Boots from Internet Gardener

Oh, it’s been a wet winter for dog-walking. Mud and overflowing streams have been almost ankle-high on some of our treks and my everyday walking boots have taken a bashing.

I suppose you could say it’s been real welly-weather. But it’s been freezing too – and wellies have never been able to keep my feet warm.

Until now!  I was sent these Grubs Fieldline 5.0 Wellington Boots from Internet Gardener to try out and was delighted to find that, not only are they super comfy with plenty of cushioning in the footbed – but the insulation in the boot means your tootsies keep warm even if the temperature plummets to -20ºC! Plus the terry knit liner stops any of the slipping around you normally get in wellies.

TheVIBRAM® SORAPISS™ sole is sturdy and great for walking on all surfaces – snow, tarmac or water and its HARD-TOE™ technology means that if you accidentally kick a rock on your walks, your toes won’t know a thing.

Barney is also a fan. He knows that if I bring the boots out, we’re going on a muddy, messy walk

So, he’s always happy to give me a hand to hoist them on.

They’re available from for the special price of £79.99 at the moment.


All photos copyright of Alistair Heap

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