Competition: Win a Pair of unisex Sealskinz waterproof socks from Sock Shop

win waterproof socksI love walking. In the countryside, along the coast, around towns. Anywhere really. Of course, it helps if the sun’s shining. Or at least if it’s not raining.

Since bringing Barney, our cocker spaniel into the family, I’m walking more than ever. That’s great. But the downside is that I have to take him out in all weathers. And walk through a lot of muddy puddles. And as a result I’ve discovered that a lot of my shoes let in a lot of water.

Step in some wonderful waterproof socks. I first got hold of a pair of Sock Shop’s Sealkinz Waterproof Socks when my eldest son headed off to the Brecon Beacons for some wild camping as part of his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award last month. Every other expedition he’s been on, he’s come back with blisters and wet socks. So I figured some heavy-duty help was needed.

(photo posed by model - these legs are not mine!)
(photo posed by model – these legs are not mine!)

The socks kept him dry through not only rain, but mountain sleet and snow too. And no blisters. So, needless to say, they’re more than a match for a walk in the woods with your dog. Which is why for the moment, they’re in my sock drawer thank you very much.

We’ve got together with the fantastic Sock Shop to offer you the chance to win a pair of unisex Sealskinz 100% waterproof mid-length walking socks worth £30.99.

they'll be your feet's best friend - in all weathers!
they’ll be your feet’s best friend – in all weathers!

These thin, low weight mid-length socks will be your feet’s best friends in any outdoor, wet weather activity. Camping, trekking, or just walking the dog. Waterproof and windproof, they’re designed and made in the UK to Sealskinz ADD (Aqua Dynamic Design) principles with a patented Stretchdry technology – resulting in a flexible, close fitting sock with a comfortable merino wool lining, ribbed leg with elasticated cuffs, ankles and insteps for a supportive, comfortable fit, with blister-resistant hand linked toes for smooth seams.

To be in with a chance of winning a pair simply either:

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Closing date: Wednesday 25th May 2016. Delivery to UK addresses only.

The winner will be chosen at random and informed by email. You must reply to the email within 14 days with your address for delivery or the prize will be offered to an alternative entrant. You will then receive your set within 10 days of reply.

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109 thoughts

  1. i bought my son some seamless socks a while ago when he was going through a phase and would only wear socks inside out. they were great, he loved them and have lasted so i would buy more school socks for him x

  2. Your comment that the legs in the photo aren’t yours made me smile, Kim! I would be proud to have such shapely legs, give or take a little depilation, of course!

    I am a fan of socks and of the Sock Shop. They sell much more than any old sock and I am pleased to see that they stock unisex socks, too. I would much prefer to see more clothes and accessories sold as unisex.

  3. Perfect for my husband who cycles to work every day – rain, snow, sun, storms, hail – he has done it all !

  4. These would be perfect for my daughters boyfriend – he builds dry stone walls and is out in all weathers x

  5. I suffer from Reynauld’s which, as a distance runner, causes me all kinds of problems, so these socks would be perfect and would hopefully allow me to get back into long distance off-road racing which I miss so much

  6. I like Sock Shops selection, they literally have something for everyone I would wear waterproof one’s cycling

  7. I like Sock Shop because it provides accessibility to socks such as Sealskinz. Also because I spend a lot of time outside, and appreciate the outdoors type clothings, especially waterproof. Sealskinz waterproof socks appear great. Maybe if I could afford I would buy lots of Sealskinz waterproof and windproof socks.

  8. I absolutely adore new socks and love walking so a shop of wonderful socks is just my cup of tea and socks for walking are even better!

  9. Whatever kind of socks I’m looking for I can find them at Sock Shop. The socks shown here would be ideal for all my treks in the perpetually soggy Scottish Southern Uplands.

  10. hi,
    I do multi eventing,tri-athalon, cross country.
    these socks would be put to good use,its gets muddy and wet,going through puddles ,ditches.
    keep the feet dry.
    I have loads of socks for all aspects of sports but no waterproof ones

  11. Would love to win, for my husband, he walks the dogs in all weathers, these socks would keep his feet dry and warm

  12. As a farmer who hasnt found a pair of boots that stay waterproof for more than 2 months these would be a great prize!

  13. These would be amazing for my hubby, he hates getting his feet wet while fishing/ walkin/ roofing, especially during winter!

  14. This would be amazing for my daughter as she hates wet and sloppy socks on rainy days especially on PE sessions

  15. I love the fashion forward socks like the image used for knee high socks on the front page !
    the socks are a part of the oufits rather than just a neccessity

  16. I have damaged the gore text in my trainers and these socks would stop me getting wet feet, please?

  17. I’d love to win some Sealskinz socks
    Ideal when I go climbing the rocks!
    No blisters, dry feet, what more do I need
    To allow my feet freely and relaxed to proceed!!

  18. These would be great for my dad as hes out walking a lot and they do seamless socks which he loves but aren’t always easy to find .x

  19. Great products. Wonderful selection. I adore socks and get exited to what designs I receive at Christmas.

  20. I’d like to win these to stop getting water in my boots and making my socks wet, and I’d wear them when out walking in the woods

  21. i would like to win them cause i a;ways have cold feet and need to wear socks a lot. plus they are so stylish

  22. sorry for forgot to also state I would like these socks to protect my feet when I go on my fishing trips.

  23. These would be excellent to win, can even make trainers/shoes with holes in then last longer by wearing waterproof socks, in an economy where every penny counts

  24. My teenage son’s socks practically walked through the door by themselves when he came back from his practice D of E hike.

  25. I never realised there was such a thing as waterproof socks! What an amazing idea! I would love to win these to try them out and see how well they actually work!

  26. I’m about to go live on a tiny wet Scottish island for a month and I would love these to keep my toes warm and dry!

  27. Love the range. I didn’t know Sock Shop sold these or that they existed. These socks would be perfect for wearing with my riding boots and yard boots. Thanks for the opportunity.

  28. I would love to win these socks for my daughter who is a keen member of The Ramblers. Her present boots are old and the leather has cracked in places so these would be amazing while she saves up for replacement boots!

  29. would love these socks from such a good shop for my partner who is a fisher man and always gets wet feet

  30. I would love these socks for those cold wet days of summer and winter that we always seem to get and still have to take the dog out for a walk!

  31. Always working outside in the the British weather, and these would be great for making the working day more bearable

  32. I too enjoy walking, no dog though and these would be brilliant for those puddles I can’t avoid and traffic seemingly throwing the puddle water at me. I would love to try a pair.

  33. I would wear them for the days when I work at an inner city farm. After it has rained, the horses get muddy (they seem to love rolling in mud!), then they have to be washed and even though I wear wellies & waterproof trousers, water often gets into my boots and makes my feet wet. Spending the rest of the day with cold wet feet is no fun, so it would be nice to have socks that keep my feet dry.

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