Trick or Treat Walking Tour by York Chocolate Story

By Michelle Rawlins

This Halloween, York’s SHOCKolate Story are celebrating the scariest time of year with a terrifyingly fun Trick or Treat walking tour through the city’s ancient streets.

Children are encouraged to dress up in their favourite scary costumes, for this ghoulish adventure, led by the spooky, and highly entertaining, Ghoul Fectionary and the ghastly Miss Terry.

As they reveal terrifying tales, including how the infamous Mad Alice murdered her husband, or how St Peter’s Gate is the most haunted street in York, the spooky couple generously hand out lots of gruesome treats for the kids – including ‘blood’ filled mice, to rather fittingly coincide with the tale about the Romans feeding their vermin figs to make them sweeter.

As well as entwining many of York’s haunting historic stories, Count Fectionary and Miss Terry, entertain their audience by continually playing mischief on each other, encouraging the children to shout out when they spot their silly antics.

Michelle’s daughter Tilly and her friend Xavier get into the spirit of things!

As much as this 45 minute action packed tour is aimed at children, parents are left equally as enthralled and are also encouraged to join in the fun and participate with the walking theatre. Volunteers are required to hold the ‘cursed’ apple and explain (in an Irish accent) how Stingy Jack was destined to eternal damnation.

Children are then encouraged to take part in battle of the Terry’s and the Betty’s (named after the famous Yorkshire tea shop) where bat shaped sweets are the weapons.

As the walk weaves past the spectacular York Minister, the actors reveal how Constantine the Great comes alive at night to protect the nearby streets and leaves children’s eyes wide with wonder as they convincingly tell the story of ‘Lumpy Head Dale’ who met his unfortunate death by mysteriously falling from the tallest spire.

This really is a must for kids and adults alike this Halloween. The spooky tales, the ghastly games and the not too gruesome goodies, along with a competition for the spookiest costume, can’t fail to entertain.

To book visit:

Price: Adults (must be accompanied by a child) £4.99

Children £5.99

Family (2 Adults & 2 Children) £19.99

Look out for Santa’s Sweet Adventure  at York’s Chocolate Story from, 24th November to 24th December, where children can join the elves on the most important of missions; saving Christmas!

pics by Michelle Rawlins and York’s Chocolate Story


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