The Slug & Lettuce, Cardiff: Review

The Slug & Lettuce has been sitting in the Friary Centre in Cardiff city centre, since April 2015 and it’s gained a popular following (not least because of its 2-4-1 cocktail policy, all day, every day)

We were keen to try out their food offering and were quite impressed by the menu’s ‘healthy’ sections – dining here is not just about burgers, fries and lasagnes (though you can order these at your leisure) but there are also so-called ‘feel-good foods’, such as vegetable and tofu ramen and wheatbran tortilla bowls filled with superfood salads that you can top with anything from chargrilled salmon to lebanese-style chicken.

We started with three small plates to share  (which weren’t too small at all and priced at £12 for the three, we thought were great value). The Pulled Pork Steam Buns were large and tasty, and the buns were light and not too chewy.

The Soft Tacos with Roasted Vegetables and Halloumi were nicely seasoned. And the Crispy Calamari was just that – crispy and not too greasy.

For main, my son enjoyed a NYC style Deli Beefburger – with eight-hour slow-cooked cured British beef brisket, melting Cheddar cheese, yellow mustard and pickles, served with skinny fries.

I opted to take a look at something more healthy – a seafood mixed grill with seabass, King Prawn skewers and Salmon. Sadly the salmon was dry and I’d have liked the prawns to have been flavoured with garlic butter or similar (but they just came plain). Still, I suppose this meal is meant for the more health-conscious, so something had to give. It came served with a superfood salad which I swapped for something a little more unusual for £1 extra – a salad of roasted beets and roots, baby spinach and green beans, which, to be honest tasted and looked a little bit tired and wasn’t as exciting as I’d hoped for.

My husband chose Grilled Sea Bass Fillets with a large superfood side salad which he said made a good healthy option.

We opted out of dessert – though the choice did look interesting with many of the puddings modelled on cocktails – think Hot Chocolate Martini Sundae and Mojito Jelly & Ice -Cream.

The atmosphere in the Slug & Lettuce was good – it’s bright and colourful – but I couldn’t help wishing on the way home that I’d gone for a big, juicy steak with fries (and maybe even onion-rings) – and to hell with healthy options! Next time…

There are 70 Slug & Lettuce bars around the country. Find out more here


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