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Zerodegrees, a group of four Microbrewery and Restaurants (in Blackheath, Bristol, Cardiff and Reading) are running Meet the #Brewmasters events on selected Saturdays through summer, so if you hanker after becoming a know-all connoisseur of craft beer, drop in.

The complimentary events include an introduction to Zerodegrees, a brewery tour, beer tasting and Q&A with the resident Brewmaster who’s passionate about beer and really knows his stuff.

All Zerodegrees restaurants are home to their own microbreweries – and far from being hidden away in the cellars, the huge fermentation tanks are part of the furniture. In fact the bar and restaurants are built around the brewery and all its workings. The complete brewing process takes place on site, in full view; from the blending of the malts to the infusion of malted barley and water that takes place in the Mash Tun, to the magic that then happens in the fermentation tanks (oh yes, we know our stuff since chatting with a Brewmaster)

The beer you’re served is the freshest you’ll get – unpasteurised and unfiltered, it comes direct from the serving tanks, and its free from preservatives and additives too.

Zerodegrees is also known for its wood fired pizzas (which we can confirm are delicious and well-priced at between £8.50 and £13.50) so why not stop off for a grown-up family meal there too? As well as the pizzas (try the Peking Duck topping for a change) there are delicious pastas and kilo mussel pots, which come with sauces that include classic Marinière, Creole and Thai green curry (priced between £14.95-£15.95). And if you didn’t go for pizza for your main, don’t panic – the indulgent dessert menu includes SWEET pizzas. No kidding. Try Caramelised Fig & Mascarpone, Pecan Pie with Salted Caramel or Chocolate & Banana Pizzas, all served with vanilla ice cream (£4.95-£5.25)

The menu even suggests what beer to sup on with your selected meal so you get a taste sensation you may not have savoured before. Our favourites included a Mango Beer, Strawberry Sour and the Wheat Ale (with notes of banana).

If you miss the Brewmaster events, we’re reliably told that if you ring up you may be able to arrange to meet one of the Brewmasters for a chat anyway.

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