Mikki Dog Grooming Tools

This is what your dog should look like when he’s being groomed…..soppy, happy, relaxed and sleepy.

The pet-friendly people at Mikki sent us some grooming tools to try out on Barney.

Though we’re nowhere near obsessive about grooming him, we do like to keep Barney’s coat long-ish, so ensuring it’s knot-free is important. And everyone who has a spaniel will know how much those adorable floppy ears need attending to!

It’s also vital that being brushed is an enjoyable experience for your dog, so tools that are gentle but effective are what’s needed.

My younger son tried out the tools from Mikki – and as you can see from Barney’s face, he was in seventh heaven enjoying being primped, pampered, smoothed and smartened. Ahhhhhh….

We tried out these three products – the Ball Pin Slicker for Sensitive Skin, Rubber Glove and the Pet Hair Magnet.


This tool helps remove dead hair from your dog’s undercoat and brushes out tangles that haven’t had time to become too severe. The pins are plastic tipped so, there’s no chance of scratching. As you can see it was gentle enough to make Barney almost nod off – but did its job well!


This massages and stimulates your dog’s skin whilst helping remove any remaining loose hairs. Barney was in spa-land heaven having this treatment!

You can also use the glove on wet hair to help later up shampoo.

Yep, I think he’s gone to sleep!


Finally, for help with scraping up those stray hairs that always find their way to your furniture or clothes, this handy tool scraps up hair into clumps you can easily remove.

Mikki grooming products are available from lots of pet shops nationwide. For your nearest stockist, go their website mikkipet.com

All photos copyright of Alistair Heap.


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